How it Works

TheMoviesClub is a member driven movie studio, with a ready-made fan base of thousands.

Using a microfinance approach we enable people to become mini movie moguls for real movies.

Below we explain each stage from being a member, to the rewards from owning your own movie.

What will members do?

We will start buying a slate of independent movies, as chosen by our members. The acquisitions will be funded by the Club’s memberships. The membership may not be much money, but for every thousand members that adds up to a decent the pot, and with our partnerships, this enables us to acquire some strong indie movies.

Which platforms?

We will release our movies on multiple channels, including theatrical / cinema, and more often Online using our relationship with Netflix, iTunes and Amazon.  

Members make key decisions for the movies, and our team will guide them through the ins and outs of the industry.

  • It’s an equal Community.
  • Everyone has a vote.
  • We offer you help if you need it, through various forums, and events.

It’s a way for you to get involved in film.  and one day, who knows, we may even get an Oscar nomination.