Why was the Club created ?

Director Alan Parker himself stated that the future of the movie industry lay in the evolving of film distribution. TheMoviesClub is is a move forward with a different business model to take the industry away from reliance on major studios for successful movie releases.

The time has come for a new collaborative approach to releasing movies. Independent movies need a new business model. Wisdom of the crowds, so to speak, or wisdom of the fans.



We believe that the Fans know best?

Like the Music industry the existing business models in the movie industry are in flux. New approaches to discovering movies are needed. 

TheMoviesClub sets out to prove that social commerce can work as well as existing traditional models. After all it does work already in other sectors. Barcelona football club have not done too badly using a similar membership model. Mes un club. More than a club.


What is Microfinance?

‘Micro finance’ is a new way of funding initiatives that puts the power in the hands of the people. This way of funding has existed before but has only become practical on a large scale with the advent of the web, which enables the administration to be simple and low cost.



What movies could we buy?

The choice is surprisingly wide. From USA indies, to great foreign titles, or something home grown. Many of the independent movies produced are available. 


Any more questions?

If you have any other questions, or simply want to find out more then please let us know. email us at info@themoviesclub.com