Membership allows you to interact with other members. Whilst becoming a Member gives you a vested interest in the movies’ fortunes. Some of these benefits include:

  • Premieres

    Members will have the opportunity of attending the premiere of the film. Tickets to premieres of other independent films will be available at cost.

  • Involvement

    Excitement of the real industry and access to a team of industry experts. Tickets to club events, screenings, and film festivals. Discussion with co-owners & vote on all key decisions.

  • Rewards

    Discounts from our partner companies products and services. These will include cinema tickets, DVDs, magazines and newspapers etc. Profits from movies are distributed between members.

  • Previews

    Access to special screenings of independent films before their official release date. Tickets to previews will be either free or at the cost of a normal cinema ticket. Access to other independent movies at festivals.